Mountain Valley Hospice & Palliative Care

Compassionate Care

I had the unfortunate opportunity to require the need for Hospice a few months ago as my wife was battling brain cancer. I wanted to take care of her myself and thought I could as she wanted to be at home with her loving family. Soon realized that taking care of her alone was more than I could do on my own! From the first contact to her last breath no one could have ask for a more compassionate group. Her nurse was a gift from heaven, the social worker was in constant contact for our every need and the aid who helped with her bathing and etc was as gentle and kind as could be. One could not ask for anything that was not provided by the group. I have been blessed with having insurance and the ability to provide care for my wife, many don't, therefore i encourage all to give generously to this organization, I have and I will continue to do so. Like most reading this I never thought this would happen in my family. My gratitude can never be enough to repay for the comfort my wife received! God Bless this organization.

-Steven Johnson November 09, 2012